I give up, give up on fighting my feelings and convincing myself I don’t feel, I give up on denying facts and distinguishing between emotions and common sense, I give up on lying to myself that I don’t feel….because I feel everything, every inch of me feels.

I feel the love I have for you slowly taking over my entire being, I feel the strength of my words and the impact they have to my self-lying self.

I feel how much I miss you, from your mare sight to your gory touch; I feel your presence even in your absence.

I feel the bitterness and the anger too, bitter that you are not here and angry that you may never be, I feel disappointed and enraged, disappointed that you don’t know how I feel and enraged that maybe you will never know

I feel tired and I feel gone but in the end am tired of lying to myself and I give up, I accept…..I MISS YOU

Avril Lavigne-I MISS YOU



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For in all things under the sun there is a season, a season to plant and a season to harvest, a season to weep and a season to laugh, a season to hate and a season to love. In all there is a beginning and an end. When all feels lost and absurd, when all under the sun makes absolutely no sense remember there is a season to learn and a season to be learned. Take the lessons and keep the experiences as fond memories. Something to constantly remind you that there is a season to burn, scrap, and smoothen and a season to be refined, complete and pleasant.

In all there is a reason, a reason though vague and absurd but a reason none the less and all we need in the end is a reason to push forward, a reason that tomorrow though not easier than today there’s a will to look forward to it for the tomorrow after tomorrow might just be the reason why we had to burn like coal to emerge like gracious diamond.

In all there is meaning, there is great meaning in aging and learning, valuable knowledge to pass on to the next generation, through time will tomorrow be better, pass on what you know, may the generations that follow not fall in the same pitfalls, may my children and their children learn from my experiences and emerge on the other side sooner than I did/will for they know what not to do or rather where I went wrong and make necessary changes. There is meaning in all you do, you are in this world for a reason. If you haven’t paved your path yet, well atleast tell of your tales so the next generations take from you.

For in all things under the sun……THERE IS A SEASON

3 doors down- it’s not my time


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One day you will miss me, miss the little things about me like how I quivered when you touched me or how I looked at you like you were the center of my world. Only you didn’t realize  you were.

One day you will look back and miss how mad I made you when you called and I didn’t answer, or how easily you made me smile

One day when you are alone in the shower you are going to think of me and how passionately I kissed you as the hot shower hit your back.

One day you will miss me, for you will realize I gave you my all and you took me for granted. Miss how I held your hand as we walked, how I slept in your arms all night and how effortlessly we conversed and laughed.

And on that day I hope you realize only mountains don’t cross paths.

the script- The man who can’t be moved


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I may never win the Oscars or the Grammys hell, I may never win the Teen Choice Awards but that’s okay, for I know who I am. I may never be a celebrity, own a killer mansion or wreck a Lamborghini on my way to rehab, but that’s okay too for I know who I am. I may never know the pain of being in a million dollar debt or the pain of having my name in the tabloids every other Tuesday again that’s okay, I know what I am. I may never be a glorified blogger or a master chef, but I can live with that tooJ.

With each waking moment I know what I am, who I am and all that I am.

  • A believer   –All I am has been made possible not by my might but by my God, forever faithful to me and always by my side, I am who I am because my God lives. The good and the bad, managed to remain true to Him and in the end, His love is sufficient
  • A mother

You my love are my world and my rock, I watch you grow and watch you discover who you are, in this life, you my love are my everything and I’ll go to the depths of the deepest ocean to ensure you have my support. So go on and chase an Oscar, go on and find your pearl dress mama will keep the cookie monster at bay, mama will always be cheering you on and will always pray for you.

  • A daughter

Thank you mom for all you have taught me , thank you for all the sacrifices and the confidence you instilled in me, thank you for nurturing me and loving me, because of you I know how to love. Thank you dad for the work ethic in me and the constant lesson that nothing worth having comes easy, because of you I know what to pass on to my child(ren) because of you I know how a man should treat his queen.

  • A sister

My first friend, my defender, my brother; We have grown together and experienced each other’s life moments, although not always on the same page, but always together, we will fight, argue, distance ourselves but all said and done I couldn’t ask for a better brother, thank you for challenging me and making me question myself from time to time, now I know who I am

  • A friend

Some people come into your life and fit perfectly, family isn’t defined by blood ties only, and I have loyal friends who have seem me through what should have ultimately broken me. The laughs and cries that have slowly but surely molded me in the years past. I remain loyal to you my friends with lots of love and eagerness to what the future holds, I’ll gladly be your bridesmaid, god mother to your kids, your inner voice and your sense of reason, we all need one of those. To the ends of the earth

  • A stranger

You never know who will cross your path but it’s always an exciting thing to interact with different people, learn different things and explore the diversity of our great people, with a warm smile and out stretched hand, strangers can easily be friends

So, am ok with not being a rock star because to my circle I already feel like one. Thank you for making me who I am.

I know who I am, and now you know who I am, question is, do you know who you are?

Lady Antebellum- Our kind of love

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soul mates

Ever loved a total and utter stranger? Felt connected to a figment of imagination, but you know deep down that person exists. The one person that makes you believe in happily ever after, though you haven’t met, though you doubt his existence, though you think you are a complete and utter lunatic for believing , you can’t help but hold on and not settle for anything less.

A strong feeling, love, like, infatuation, foolishness……no, matter the right analogy, the feeling compares to none.

And someday as you board the morning bus, pitch your presentation, buy that killer pair of heels, you brush shoulders, a gush of emotion runs down your spine and in that second you know you have to say hi. In that split second everything in you, everything about you hangs in the balance hoping he glances back, hoping he too felt the missing atom is close by.

A single glance and you know you have met your destiny, a face to your faceless prince but not a stranger to your estranged heart. Separated by nature (the big bang for all I know) but the strong bond pushing you towards each other, you may stumble along the way, kiss a few unworthy individuals all in lieu of finding his face but as with all stumbles, just propels you forward in a much greater speed. For when you kiss your soul mate, no other lips will u dare to come close to.

Soul mate, wherever you are, whoever you are, however you are…..I MISS YOU.


Avril Lavigne- Innocence



Make me understand how in a world of six billion individuals each with a unique finger print and somewhat unique personality one gets to feel so “unique”. Make me understand how in all our imperfections one gets to feel like an utter God. I get the need to stand out and be the alpha dog, I get the desire to be adored and “worshipped” in some extreme cases but I really don’t get how self-absorbed one must be to feel so unique.

Go to extreme lengths to achieve something so minute and dare I say misplaced, I appreciate hard (smart) work like the next unique person, give credit where credit is due but make me understand how one is uniquely defined by status, or better yet make me understand how one solely views himself as the “Don”, expect the world to revolve around them like revolution and gravity aren’t a great force as it is, expect people to say their name in hushed tones or accompanied by a myriad of salutations. “The mighty, extremely opinionated King Julian”

Not every word written is about you, every tower your fort, not every lady is ogling at you neither every male fighting for you. Learn and understand opinions are but subject to self and not perception of what is. Your ways only make you seem unique to you, as there is nothing new under the sun.

Be aware of your “crown” and self-proclaimed territory, you just might be standing on a “golden” platform with no foundation.

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The Game- Name me King