“And when you meet the love of your life, hold on tight for this life deserves a little tenderness, and with someone by your side, it’s not as tough to face each new day”


The sight of you pleases me; the thought of you delights me

Your voices soothes me and your presence my peace.

My valentine, my love and my everything, am honored to have met you,

Honored to have your love, and above all honored to be your family

This day and all that follow, will u be my valentine? Forever my peace and my home

This day and the next, find your comfort in me, your happiness forever with me

My valentine, my heartbeat, my blessing and my weakest point, this day and the next you are my all

To you I declare my ever after, in you I declare my solace, by you I declare my stand and behind you forever got your back

I’ve pressed your tux and polished your shoes, waxed the car and reserved your best post, for this valentine I want to adore you, show you a glimmer of what you mean to me, as no action befits it all, no words properly comprehend the depth of my soul and no gift seems right, but this day and the rest, I give you all of me, devote my all to you, forsake all others and hold only your hand.


Happy valentine my valentine, this day and the rest, till death do us part.

“It’s not the broken dreams that break us; it’s the ones we didn’t dare to dream”



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