Take a sit, just for one more drink, stick around just this one time for the last time, you found a way to get into my life and mapped the perfect route into my heart, you somehow found your spot where no one has in a really long time, and now I acknowledge that you are the one, but the story of us has run its cause, one question though, is it killing you as much as its killing me?

Next to you, I’d thrive, conquer, win and prosper but no, you found your place way before you said Hi, to you I was nothing more than a mare curiosity, I know this wasn’t to be a fairy tale, this isn’t Hollywood but did you really have to find your place right where you knew I couldn’t let you go without shuttering to pieces? Take a sip of your drink, tell me please…..

Everything good is gone, it’s time to taste the coffee and realize it doesn’t mean am lonely when am alone, but in this case, knowing am not your princess leaves me somewhat lonely but I got to finish this one drink, wipe my naivety and say goodbye. I am a true survivor, after all, all you are is all that could break me but am still standing.

You’re my superman, and now I got to watch you fly away so someone willing to stick around long enough to learn my second name can stand a chance, someone who will not come as close to you in whatever sense, but I got to watch you fly away, as with every day that passes with no word from you leaves me a few seconds closer to my grave, you pull my strings and now it’s time to cut the cord. Fly away superman

I loved you from the word go, every aspect of who you are is amazing and definitely my final piece but sadly I got to say goodbye after this drink as you have played me long enough. My universe will never be the same without you, am glad you came.

Don’t forget me; every now and then make a silent prayer that I do find someone like you. I wish you all the best, here’s to you, here’s to us.

My drink is up, GOODBYE

Goodbye my lover  -James blunt




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