So she is all grown up now, or so am told, time to let my little one find her way. With no regard for my attachment it’s the inevitable time to let the bird out of the nest. It’s awesome to watch her grow, watch her become her own person and map her own path. It’s an unbelievable feeling to be a parent to watch your offspring sprout and grow to tell you what she wants, grow her own taste, her own personality. The hard part is in letting go, am loosening the cord because no way I ever cut it, it doesn’t matter how old she gets, how cooler than me she thinks she is, am holding on tight to my little one.

Go off to school my little one, learn all that you can and at the end of the day despite where we are call me and tell me how your day was. I’ll wait by the phone for your first date call, first heartbreak, first degree, all firsts and always with a smile better yet my love share those moments with me in person. Always in my embrace, I’ll share all my two cents on any matter and always bring the cake. For no matter what my little girl you are stuck with me and I’ll stick by you.

Now go on and learn your ABC’s.


Taylor swift- never grow up



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