Lend me a hand; pull me from the depths of my mind

Lend me a shoulder, for in your presence am at peace


Allow me to be as is, allow me to explore your world

Allow me to be curious for in the end all you are is all I want


We can be grand, we can be epic, and we can be as we crave but only if

You lend me a hand and allow us to be


Render yourself willing and all will be bliss, render your mind open and allow the endless possibilities

By rendering us possible, tell me what’s impossible


Endless, countless ways to love, endless ways to share who we are, unimaginable depths of what can be

Endless, effortless, and endearing possibilities, who doesn’t want that?


Never to be taken for granted, never to be looked over, never to be mistreated

For we will be grand, with endless valley deep, undying, thirst quenching affection


Centuries past in this life and the next, may our reincarnations find each other, for in whatever universe

You are my other atom


Ever in life and in death, we are grand!

Lady antebellum_ if you see him, if you see her



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