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I don’t care for petty ideologies that focus on oppressing the rights and beliefs of others; I don’t care for hopeless extremists who inflict their ways on others. We all have the fundamental right to choose what to be affiliated with, not have our bubble infringed upon.

Must take a new kind of coward with primitive thinking to believe that there is only one way of doing things; In this world I wonder how one can dare feel entitled …”if you cut us do we not bleed….” Looks like Shakespeare hit it on the spot.

Religion as I see it is meant to bring hope, hope in a higher being, hope that all this is not useless, hope that at the end of it all there is a supreme being looking out for us. Of course someone call me out on several verses of whichever holy book he goes by and quote thousands upon thousands of “how things should be”.

Believe what you please, but while at it please resist from forcing me to abide by your rules, I refuse to be chained by fear and refuse to have my faith wavered. At the end of the day, I refuse to bow to a mere mortal for my God lives.

Burning and torching innocent souls in the name of religion, oppressing women in the name of religion, impeding on freedom of speech in the name of religion, I call it cowardice. Don’t hide behind your interpretation of a religious book to rain hell on innocent civilians.

I don’t care for your ways, what I do care for is the resilience in the world to forever fight oppression; IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD


Nickleback- if everyone cared


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