I know he will never be mine and never be my shadow but when am with him am free I know for a fact that he is the one meant for me, he is with no doubt my better half only in a world of six billion people he ended up saying “I do” to what felt legit at the time, only I was in the first row watching my future accept to live with not knowing what undying love will feel like.

As he said I do, I smiled and cheered with the rest for truly his wife struck gold, she gets to wake up next to the love of my life and more often than not, not realize that that would be the highlight of some poor sole somewhere, things that come so easy, seem so routine are the very things I would crave every second.

Like that morning kiss, where I will keep saying I do with each passing sunset and waking sunrise, being in his arms and share a laugh, but the love of my life is gone…

He is but a mere pigment of my imagination at this point but thank God at least I know how he looks like, I know his name and more so he knows my name and acknowledged we would be or maybe in a different life we struck gold and Meagan is playing with her siblings as we enjoy a cold whiskey in our backyard.

Maybe just maybe the love of my life will find his way to me…..i can be delusional, hopeful and naïve ….RIGHT!!!!

Taylor swift- speak now


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