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Why in the world do people cling on to what they know won’t work, why hold on to mere memories while its certain and evident that the best  days are in the past, the best laughs are but distance echoes of days past. Why live in fear of the unknown and settle for what was, while its crystal clear that chapter in the story of your life is done.

Dare to venture out and find a new adventure, yes, I know you said that would be your “till death” am certain that phrase didn’t mean being the walking dead, don’t be a zombie and dread the very thing you once craved, going home. Yes, I know you said “I do” and we all shared cake on it (cake is sacred right!) but question is, is the person you were then, and the person you are now… still utter those two earth shattering words?

Am all for rekindled bliss and if you map a new path and you still find it next to your one by all means say “I do” again, leave your love at home, be oblivious of the next stunning pair of legs or the amazing tuxedo guy in your rare view mirror, leave your love at home so you have something to go home to, something to get away from work for. Something to constantly smile about and a call you are still eager to receive or make.

Dare to recognize when the road is cut off, where there is nothing but going back and the route is a one way. All that’s left is changing lanes and none in the same direction. Say yes to life, as much as not much seems to be, say yes to kissing in the rain and running in the meadows, not as a life line but just because your inner child needs to play.

Why in the world would anyone accept any less?

James blunt- carry you home



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