Love me for me, neither for my beauty nor for my smile

Love me for me not for my brains or my tenderness

Love me for me, not for what I can do for you or for how cute we look

Take time to know me, see beyond the smile and the beauty, for beauty fades and smiles hide a lot

Take time to learn my ways, time to know what makes me tick,

Take time to see if you and I can be more than a compliment to an exquisite frame

When you are down, will you still call me? When you triumph am I your first call?

Do you miss me in the middle of the day when you are busy or just at night when you are lonely?

Love me for me, not for what I seem but what I am, who I am, how I am.

Let me in, allow me to explore your world and know every aspect of you, and don’t hide behind a power suit, a cocky ultra-ego or behind a makeshift wall.

Love me for me and I’ll take you as you are.

For at the end of it all as you pull back the veil all I want looking back at me is the face of a person who takes me for me.

John legend – All of me


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