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IF IT’S TOO GOOD: chances are it’s a click away

Am all for technology and acknowledge how much easier life is now, I mean who knew a short centuries ago that saying hello to another continent would be just a click away, no need for canoes, months on end in shark infested waters and the inevitable truth of distorted information along the way, the greatness of technology cannot be down played, no, not in this lifetime, and neither can we function without it now.

As good as it is, internet per say, well so is it a great vice. It has completely eradicated the thrill of the chase and in the same breath literally made possible the proverbial “many fish in the ocean”, you do get to feel special but careful not to turn away potential opportunities by being “too hard to get” because, well the next possibility is just a click away, the same click that might get you through the door might in the same gasp lock you out.

it’s made some simple decisions and “cleansing rituals” somewhat mundane , I know am getting through to someone, take for instance the “This is not working” scenario in a relationship and the next move is well, moving on, thanks to the internet it’s easier to chase penguins in the Kalahari while giving the legendary YES WE CAN speech, one way or the other  you’re  stuck with your past in your present, NO!, the internet will not let you forget what a bad decision feels like, looks like, tastes like, that discontenting taste forever under “LIST OF PEOPLE YOU KNOW”, “FIND FRIENDS”, “BADTASTE followed you” link and a myriad of hash tags,#baegonewild #youknowthatwasabadmove #yeawewillnotletyouforget…

The whole idea of deleting contact, gallery photos and forgetting the memorized number all for nothing, the link button in one instance has managed to merge all in one, past, present and future. Your life experiences all captured in one site or the other, however private, no one can be fully protected from the “shared, tagged posts”, what do you do when reality, fiction, oh snap! Moments are wrapped up in 1?

Am all for digital migration, and thumbs up for the next cool social media site but some mystery is lost along with it, like, “how do you look today?” one had to paint a Picasa with words to look red carpet ready , now,  before s/he says hi, chances are s/he’s gone all Olivia Pope, FBI,CSI on Google and knows pretty much all there is to know, the thrill and excitement of getting to know each other somewhat lost, there’s a formulated  perception of the stranger leaving little or no room for adventure, and with so many fish, hardly will one stick around long enough as the annoying itch  on “ PEOPLE YOU MIGHT KNOW” is like a growing cancer. Yes, interact, explore, meet and greet but find the patience to learn first-hand and cease and desist from playing magna PI on your crush, potential mate or whatever other name they may go by, oh! I guess BAE is the word now.

Technology thou art a giving taker….

Keane-somewhere only we know


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