Make me understand how in a world of six billion individuals each with a unique finger print and somewhat unique personality one gets to feel so “unique”. Make me understand how in all our imperfections one gets to feel like an utter God. I get the need to stand out and be the alpha dog, I get the desire to be adored and “worshipped” in some extreme cases but I really don’t get how self-absorbed one must be to feel so unique.

Go to extreme lengths to achieve something so minute and dare I say misplaced, I appreciate hard (smart) work like the next unique person, give credit where credit is due but make me understand how one is uniquely defined by status, or better yet make me understand how one solely views himself as the “Don”, expect the world to revolve around them like revolution and gravity aren’t a great force as it is, expect people to say their name in hushed tones or accompanied by a myriad of salutations. “The mighty, extremely opinionated King Julian”

Not every word written is about you, every tower your fort, not every lady is ogling at you neither every male fighting for you. Learn and understand opinions are but subject to self and not perception of what is. Your ways only make you seem unique to you, as there is nothing new under the sun.

Be aware of your “crown” and self-proclaimed territory, you just might be standing on a “golden” platform with no foundation.

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The Game- Name me King


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