soul mates

Ever loved a total and utter stranger? Felt connected to a figment of imagination, but you know deep down that person exists. The one person that makes you believe in happily ever after, though you haven’t met, though you doubt his existence, though you think you are a complete and utter lunatic for believing , you can’t help but hold on and not settle for anything less.

A strong feeling, love, like, infatuation, foolishness……no, matter the right analogy, the feeling compares to none.

And someday as you board the morning bus, pitch your presentation, buy that killer pair of heels, you brush shoulders, a gush of emotion runs down your spine and in that second you know you have to say hi. In that split second everything in you, everything about you hangs in the balance hoping he glances back, hoping he too felt the missing atom is close by.

A single glance and you know you have met your destiny, a face to your faceless prince but not a stranger to your estranged heart. Separated by nature (the big bang for all I know) but the strong bond pushing you towards each other, you may stumble along the way, kiss a few unworthy individuals all in lieu of finding his face but as with all stumbles, just propels you forward in a much greater speed. For when you kiss your soul mate, no other lips will u dare to come close to.

Soul mate, wherever you are, whoever you are, however you are…..I MISS YOU.


Avril Lavigne- Innocence


5 thoughts on “SOULMATE”

  1. Its cald Leprosy of the heart luv, n yes caterpillars stil turn into beautiful butterflies n fly, frogs stil turn into princes n yes snow white stil gets da kiss


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