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For in all things under the sun there is a season, a season to plant and a season to harvest, a season to weep and a season to laugh, a season to hate and a season to love. In all there is a beginning and an end. When all feels lost and absurd, when all under the sun makes absolutely no sense remember there is a season to learn and a season to be learned. Take the lessons and keep the experiences as fond memories. Something to constantly remind you that there is a season to burn, scrap, and smoothen and a season to be refined, complete and pleasant.

In all there is a reason, a reason though vague and absurd but a reason none the less and all we need in the end is a reason to push forward, a reason that tomorrow though not easier than today there’s a will to look forward to it for the tomorrow after tomorrow might just be the reason why we had to burn like coal to emerge like gracious diamond.

In all there is meaning, there is great meaning in aging and learning, valuable knowledge to pass on to the next generation, through time will tomorrow be better, pass on what you know, may the generations that follow not fall in the same pitfalls, may my children and their children learn from my experiences and emerge on the other side sooner than I did/will for they know what not to do or rather where I went wrong and make necessary changes. There is meaning in all you do, you are in this world for a reason. If you haven’t paved your path yet, well atleast tell of your tales so the next generations take from you.

For in all things under the sun……THERE IS A SEASON

3 doors down- it’s not my time


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