I give up, give up on fighting my feelings and convincing myself I don’t feel, I give up on denying facts and distinguishing between emotions and common sense, I give up on lying to myself that I don’t feel….because I feel everything, every inch of me feels.

I feel the love I have for you slowly taking over my entire being, I feel the strength of my words and the impact they have to my self-lying self.

I feel how much I miss you, from your mare sight to your gory touch; I feel your presence even in your absence.

I feel the bitterness and the anger too, bitter that you are not here and angry that you may never be, I feel disappointed and enraged, disappointed that you don’t know how I feel and enraged that maybe you will never know

I feel tired and I feel gone but in the end am tired of lying to myself and I give up, I accept…..I MISS YOU

Avril Lavigne-I MISS YOU


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