Brace yourself!!
Brace yourself!!

“Let’s Move in Together!!!!” He seems so sure of himself when he asks me this. The look of excitement and anticipation on his face is unmistakable. Now this may not exactly be a surprise because it is something we have talked about, but now it’s here and I don’t know exactly what to say…. So I say yes!! Let’s do it. Let’s move in Together!!!

So now I am thinking about it. I am walking into unfamiliar territory, and I can’t turn back. What happens when I wanna stay indoors and play rock music in my underwear as I clean, and he wants to watch wrestling with the boys? What happens when the girls are here with wine and we are ready to trash talk our men and he just won’t leave? What happens when all I wanna do is eat take out and laze around the whole day and he wants to come home for a home cooked lunch. Am I really ready for this? Is anyone ever ready for this?

I quite honestly don’t wanna witness his “Shit-Shower-Shave” routine in the morning, and I bet he doesn’t want to wait an hour and a half for me to get ready for dinner, only to come out looking “just aiiit” When do I shave my legs and arm pits? Sweet lord, when do I take a dump!!!

But then again, what happens when I have had a long day at work and I just wanna be held? What happens when the lights are out and I have to hold in my pee because I am scared to death of the dark? What happens when the office hater is on my case and I need someone at home to reassure me that it’s all going to be fine?  I can surely use some strong arms around to move stuff, take out the trash, kill the evil lizards and the scary spiders, and to take care of me, in every sense of the word.

I may be a little selfish, but it feels nice when I take care of him, when I owe him some responsibilities. He is after all my partner in crime, my guaranteed alibi. Always there to get in trouble with, and always on time to get my hair out of the way when my body has rejected whatever substances I have abused. I can pass out at the bar and wake up in my bed. Sure he eats too much and messes up the place, but I think I can live with it because as crazy as we both are we keep each other deeply rooted.

So I guess I am actually doing this. It’s probably going to be the best bad idea I have made, but what the hell, we can ride it out.

Let the adventure begin!!



Hungry for success
Hungry for success

Opportunities will not always present themselves, some need to be sought after and some need an extra keen eye to see. Most will require guts to pursue and definitely time and patience. Once you get that perfect/almost perfect opportunity, you need to strike while the iron is hot. While the desire and end game is still so vivid in your mind there is no doubt the drive is real and the outcome is worth the risk.

Some will require a bit of consulting, although it may look good, it may not be the perfect fit for you. Match opportunities with your strengths and wage them against your weaknesses.  We all strive to overcome our weak points, as that is the gospel truth. Being aware of how far you can go at a particular time highly determines the outcome. Baby steps may be small but they still count. We have to learn to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.

Have a constant need to achieve, and don’t let that ever diminish. Opportunities may be missed along the way, but the desire and hunger will keep propelling you towards the future.  Picture your goals and let them guide you. It indeed can be done.

Toast to missed opportunities, toast to those forgone, toast to being more aware and toast to the next best deal! The next one might be the well-deserved break and the absolute “I made it!” sigh of gratitude.


Four Bottles to complete the fun times

Drink responsibly; do not spill
Drink responsibly; do not spill

When am out with my boys (yes, girls have boys too) in a t-shirt, loose fitting jeans and awesome sneakers. When I don’t need to worry about how my makeup is or who is checking me out. When I can curse like a sailor and I can get loud and free. It is for the morning of the road trip, when I put my six-pack in the cooler and bury it with dry ice. Ain’t nothing like a cold beer for my time with the boys, and yes, I drink straight out the bottle!!!

Then there is how I wind up most of my evenings. I open the bottle and let it breathe, hitting my face with the Sweet Floral and Fruity scents. Chilled and ready to serve. Gosh!!!! I love my Chardonnay. Right after dinner, loose night gown and comfy socks, a glass of good white wine with white chocolate gives me goose bumps with every sip. Chilling with Olivia Pope and wishing how that scene with  Fitz should have lasted a second longer. A little wine is good for digestion, A lot of wine is best for pure bliss!!!

See me on a Saturday evening. Dressed to kill and ready to turn heads. Wearing designer scents.  Doing the perfect balance on 5-inch heels, displaying legs and curves for days. It’s the epic night out with the girls. All photos on IG are Hash tagged #TurnDownForWhat, #SippingWhileWeSpilling, #MyCliqueCoolerThanYours, #MovesLikeJagger. We are looking to get messed up so we are ordering by the bottle. Shot after Shot of Tennessee Honey as we take over the dance floor. The boys wishing they could, we wishing the boys would!!! Nothing gets me into the music like fine whisky, neat, and on the rocks.

After the Road trips, the busy days, the crazy nights out with the girls, there always has to be time for my little princess. So we put on Nickelodeon, pour popcorn and jelly beans into a bowl spread out on the couch and sip on some black currant Ribena. It may be too sweet for my taste buds, but it is too good for bonding with the little one. As I doze off, I think of the day, I will get her, her first real drink!!!

Featuring: Heineken, 2009 Marques De Casa Concha- Chardonnay, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey & of Course Ribena- Bursting with Vitamin C!!!!


Do it because you want to, not because you have to
Do it because you want to, not because you have to

There comes a time our values get tested time and again and the simple question to see you through is, “How will I sleep at night?” After going through the system, school or otherwise and at the end of the tunnel the light is dimmer than at the beginning, wavering patience and an even diminished faith. How do you get by? When brain fails, beauty comes in handy, right? The end doesn’t justify the means, all we need is a better wardrobe and the glare from others of, “Wow doesn’t she look amazing!” only you know at what price you lost your soul.

Success is not sexually transmitted, as easily as you bow down to the offer so does a dozen more, as easily as you fulfill short term necessities so do you loose focus on the long term, and as easily as the offer comes so do they run out and more come through, at what point does it stop?

There is pride in working from the ground up, take the heats, enjoy the tiny victories, keep your head high, and when that offer comes, do it because you want to not because you think you need to, sex is awesome and should be enjoyed not leveraged against anyone. You wanna get your kinky side on; by all means buy the ropes and whips at your discretion not to be subject to anyone.

The value of hard/ smart work is honor and dignity, success is not sexually transmitted, it is earned!! But don’t take my word for it, am not about to cast demons out of anyone.

Be Gone

don't stay just to leave later
don’t stay just to leave later

I want to forget you, I want you to be a blur, an insignificant dot on my otherwise clean past. I want it to be like we never were and our paths never crossed. You break me and make me weak. You pick and drop me as you please, and all the while you know just how much I love you. How could you possibly be so cruel?

Love should be pure and kind, not opportunistic and egotistic. I will take you back 30 times over. I will embrace and speak highly of you, but PLEASE!!!! Stay away from me. Let my love for you burn, and burn out without you fueling it with your hints and sparks of hope. Let my tears dry up long enough for me to afford a smile of relief. Just because love is there doesn’t mean it should be shared. Just because you know that I would die for you doesn’t warrant you killing me.

I love you, always have, always will, but please let me love you from a far. I wish I could wake up with amnesia, and all of today could be a nightmare and not my reality. If all you feel could be a measly fraction of what I feel for you, then you and I would have known unconditional love.

Goodbye, please do not stay just to leave later.

 My life as a petite, “short” girl

good things come in small packages
good things come in small packages

5 of the most annoying things I have grown to appreciate, it’s not going anywhere so better adapt and smile all the way through….

  • Being of small size is awesome but really annoying when all the “big” guys wanna see how easily they can pick you up.
  • Shopping for shoes and pants is so damn difficult; you literally have a better chance catching a squirrel at the mall than landing a pair of neon heels that fit. Or a trouser that’s the perfect length and the waist fits.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are in a power suit or you have your awesome game face, someone will still find a way to use the word “cute” right when you are looking to be taken serious. It is however, always a bonus when you bring you’re A-game and stop them dead on their tracks
  • Then there is this phrase “please eat something” I swear to Jesus, if I hear this one more time I will stuff a sandwich in someone’s face. You eat it! Am fine….
  • “Are you seriously dating that guy, isn’t he too tall for you?” My choice of man is far beyond his height. And hey!!! Short girl with a Tall guy is the Ultimate Adorable Picture

Well I could go on and on but, someone just offered me a fruit salad. So let me hop on to it lest I get branded malnourished