The female form is something from the heavens, a master piece that cannot be matched, flawless in its stature and ever so gracious and beautiful, sprouting from a girl to a lady, a woman of untold beauty, as smooth and delicate as a flower yet so strong and if well tendered to even a thousand pictures would fall short…..the face that launched a thousand ships.

Curves for days, ample breasts and legs for days, size and weight don’t amount to much as one from the other each are unique, a smile that can wipe away a bad century and a laugh that sounds like music from the angels, a woman, untold delight and  a rightful sight.

The ability to make everything better, from a bad day, to a baby’s cry, she does it with so much ease, hardly complain as she knows her role, to nurture , shield , yield and encourage.

In a single day, she may face untold challenges and as easily come home with a smile, her first words, “how was your day?”, oblivious of her sores, her aching back or her hard day, she will work her curves and ensure all is well just after putting the kids to bed.

Mostly overlooked sometimes forgotten but her role is something this world cannot survive without, so a humble well warranted  toast to every woman under the sun that keeps the world going round.

Toast to their sacrifices, toast to keeping their head high and a deserved toast and a pat on their back, well, because they are simply remarkable.


Shaggy- Strength of a woman

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