Dear Mr. Right

well, there just might be one..
well, there just might be one..

Hope this letter finds you in good health, In due time and somewhere in the line of this century.  While you are somewhere doing God knows what, with God knows who am back here picturing how awesome we will be together, hoping we were born in the right time and you and I are perfectly imperfect.

While we haven’t met, or have met and kept moving if you’re my Mr. Right no doubt our paths will cross again. Hoping you aren’t stuck in the 1000 friend requests I keep passing on my Facebook, or not gathering dust among the ones I have blocked for one reason or another better yet I hope we are not wasting valuable time we could use making babies and building our Jay- z n Beyoncé because you are keeping up with the Kardashians or worse stuck in Nellyville.

I’ll patiently wait for you to knock on my door, but chances are we will bond over music, come on you know you love rock music and dancing in your undies in the house, I will patiently pray for diligence and grace to keep me focused on you. I have met my fair share of Mr. Wrongs so please it’s about time you made your début.

My caramel ice-cream needs company and the right side of my bed craving some warmth. Take time off the screen, off the Kardashians and sing me another song….bet am listening

Taylor swift you belong with me


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