Everything for my family

with lots of love
with lots of love

Family is the most fundamental unit in life; the people that get to know you way before you know yourself. Family gatherings are the ultimate bottle opener, and I look forward to all that comes with it, and mostly humor as these people never disappoint.

The Show stopper Family

The “IT” family in all the relatives always doing things way over the top and always a tad late, they have to have an audience and their timing is impeccable. Just after all you mere mortals have served your meal and sited in a circle ready to sing kumbaya…the Calvary makes an Entrance.

The Upcoming Artiste

Young, somewhat naïve, learning to have a plastic don’t care attitude and always in a shirt with borderline offensive captions and rugged jeans, spitting rhymes left, right and center. Social media is also a highlight in his life so you’ve got to take an Instagram photo with him, while the rest make “Yezzurs” expressions in the background. Got to show support, Right?

The Intellectual

Every mothers envy, every cousin’s “when I grow up”, always ready with a quote and the smartest argument, showing all of you “little ones” how it’s done. How you can improve and where you went wrong? She laid the path, who are you to defer from it?

The Loud Mouth

Whenever they make their debut, the show starts and ends with them. Now, it’s most interesting when the show stoppers and the loud mouth are different people. Find your pop corns, and have a play by play of the scene, complete with instrumentals.

Quiet ones

Sit quietly in a corner, no, don’t wanna be bothered , always leaving the others wondering whether they are ok, countless assumptions as to why they are the way they are, weird silence, one can’t help it but wonder, “what are you scheming?”, it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for, I’ve seen the movies.

The “Wannabe” Business Man

Only he has something new every time you meet, and a reason why the other business he tried to sell you didn’t work, always vibrant and talking about the next entity, optimistic to a point you can’t help but wanna give him a hug. Maybe try sitting in a business class, you know, see how that goes….

The Preacher

Always on call with a Bible in hand, prayers on end at the go , dry humor but no ceremony is complete without him/her

The Barbeque King

Ultimate “Uncle Racus”, self-proclaimed king of the grill, beer in hand at all times, makes a huge fire that could burn down the street, stories never run low and constitutes the cool spot. Steak may be burnt here and there, but it’s the best damn burnt Ram Steak in the world.

Last but not least, Next generation kids: The teens

They do a better job than TMZ, E! And BET combined in letting the rest of us know what’s hot and what’s not. What to wear and what not to be caught dead in, and well, their new fashion blog! They are sadly all dependent on how many followers they have on Twitter and Instagram. All I want to do is give them a sandwich. Eat something babies, ya’ll to skinny!!!! (I am not sure I wrote that right)

Family, can’t live with them, can’t live without them…..Everything for my family! I am certainly looking forward to the next meet.


wouldn't change anything about you
wouldn’t change anything about you

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