hey bartender, we meet again...
hey bartender, we meet again…

I know he will know how to fix me. He knows how to get me feeling better, how to make all this go away. Somehow he knows with little or no words how to make all seem right with the world. The simple most difficult calling there is. So I’ll go to him, sit at the counter and without summoning he will come to me, ask what I want.” What I want? Well I want all to be ok, I need to not have the urge to self-destruct” (I’d love to say that) but a Double of the Double Black will do. Time to let loose, have some good, clean fun as I unwind, getting brutally honest with each sip.

He knows just how to serve them chilled and glass never empty. Listen or look like listening, careful not to interrupt with baseless Comments or his Opinion, it doesn’t matter anyway right! He doesn’t offer absolutions.

I could go to church for confession, but hey, bartender is just ten steps away…..

Now drink to that.

Featuring the Johnie Walker Double Black! Surely, I will Keep Walking.

Lady antebellum- hey bartender


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