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I am sitting here awestruck by everything around me. All that I have been so blessed, to see and witness, I am simply in love with my Motherland, in love with my future.

Children playing and singing happily oblivious of the complexities of life, women gathered around beauty parlors sharing the hottest tittle-tattle of the time in hushed tones, and the men, well the men are behind the sign “MEN AT WORK”. I wonder if there is ever any work in progress behind the signs…….

But before I digress…..

I love the fact that my people struggle to make an honest living. I love their will to push through every challenge, get up after every knock-down and forge further ahead. Sure, we get overwhelmed from time to time, but we are never broken, we may be bent, but certainly never broken.

My people are full of diversity, and my land is limitless with opportunity for those who dare to dream, and then get up and chase their dreams. Sit back and wait for handouts but after I catch my dreams, the handout I give you will be but a drop from my ocean.

I love my land and I Love my people, But I want my people to change their way of thinking and want more from life, demand more from the all so beautiful and breath taking land that we have been abundantly blessed with. It breaks my heart that due to ignorance, misfortune, marginalization or retrogressive cultures, children die from treatable diseases, women die during childbirth and men slaughter each other for rights to a seasonal river.

My Land is Damn Beautiful, and my People are Freaking Amazing, impossible not to love. I am a Patriot, I love my country and I love its entire people. If we all could, in each of our own different way, work for the growth of self, and each other, transcending kinship and tribal lines, we would move miles in just one day.

Our hills and valleys are beautiful, but no one wants to see them if they are tainted by our blood. The FAMOUS BIG FIVE thrive here but if we don’t drive them to extinction with our poaching, we finish them by encroaching their habitat.

Nothing is beyond our grasp; the smile on our children’s faces is worth preserving, everything is worth Preserving. I am signed up, I need another 40million people to do this with me.


(Forever a patriot)

East or West....
East or West….

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