Been a while since I put words down, and all the while words have been floating through my eyes. Like I need to say this, this needs to be written. Words have been jumping right out of my skin, almost literally. I’m a few days older and a whole lot wiser, time to share some hard earned knowledge and experience, so sit up to read, as I am just about to enlighten you:

  • Be wary of your enemies, but mostly your friends. You may understand their strategy and tactics but the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy. They have no regard for loyalty and everything is based on end result alone. Safeguard yourself and as close as you keep them, always have an eye open. Don’t let your enemies or your friends become your downfall. The need to mend fences might be strong and noble but do have your intentions right and though you can’t fully tell theirs, guard yourself, whatever you do, don’t let them in 100%
  • Your people are yours to grow and nurture. Your love is yours to protect and hold on to, yours to be proud of and smile when people look on with utter jealousy and admiration. I know! Nobody wants what nobody else desires. Your spouse is yours, that doesn’t make everybody around them blind to what drove you to them. Appreciate and enjoy your bliss.

To the opportunist willing to take a shot at that what is mine, all I have is words of advice. Make It Count. Make it count because you have one shot and 99.9% chance is that you will miss the mark, the 0.01% that crawls you back to whatever  hole you crawled out of will just be utter love and loyalty, “you are not strong enough to take my man”, when you  think you are, just think again honey.

  • Building a house is easy building a home requires effort and commitment, grow your home so that it is somewhere you look forward to going to. Share yourself with your spouse as opposed to sharing with the people who will learn your weaknesses and well, try to take that shot. Love is to be protected; your home is worth the effort. Problems come and go, money comes and goes, and the person you walk with should be a constant. Have one less problem without the outside “Help”
  • Reaffirm your love and your stand by your love. Yes! They might know it, but feels good to constantly hear “I choose you” , “My love I will love you for a 1000 centuries, and when that runs out, I’ll love you for one more day”. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it, even though we got no money, am still in love with you honey.
  • Last, but not least, ice cream still rocks, grab a spoon and cozy up with your love.

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