My life as a petite, “short” girl

good things come in small packages
good things come in small packages

5 of the most annoying things I have grown to appreciate, it’s not going anywhere so better adapt and smile all the way through….

  • Being of small size is awesome but really annoying when all the “big” guys wanna see how easily they can pick you up.
  • Shopping for shoes and pants is so damn difficult; you literally have a better chance catching a squirrel at the mall than landing a pair of neon heels that fit. Or a trouser that’s the perfect length and the waist fits.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are in a power suit or you have your awesome game face, someone will still find a way to use the word “cute” right when you are looking to be taken serious. It is however, always a bonus when you bring you’re A-game and stop them dead on their tracks
  • Then there is this phrase “please eat something” I swear to Jesus, if I hear this one more time I will stuff a sandwich in someone’s face. You eat it! Am fine….
  • “Are you seriously dating that guy, isn’t he too tall for you?” My choice of man is far beyond his height. And hey!!! Short girl with a Tall guy is the Ultimate Adorable Picture

Well I could go on and on but, someone just offered me a fruit salad. So let me hop on to it lest I get branded malnourished


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