Be Gone

don't stay just to leave later
don’t stay just to leave later

I want to forget you, I want you to be a blur, an insignificant dot on my otherwise clean past. I want it to be like we never were and our paths never crossed. You break me and make me weak. You pick and drop me as you please, and all the while you know just how much I love you. How could you possibly be so cruel?

Love should be pure and kind, not opportunistic and egotistic. I will take you back 30 times over. I will embrace and speak highly of you, but PLEASE!!!! Stay away from me. Let my love for you burn, and burn out without you fueling it with your hints and sparks of hope. Let my tears dry up long enough for me to afford a smile of relief. Just because love is there doesn’t mean it should be shared. Just because you know that I would die for you doesn’t warrant you killing me.

I love you, always have, always will, but please let me love you from a far. I wish I could wake up with amnesia, and all of today could be a nightmare and not my reality. If all you feel could be a measly fraction of what I feel for you, then you and I would have known unconditional love.

Goodbye, please do not stay just to leave later.


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