Do it because you want to, not because you have to
Do it because you want to, not because you have to

There comes a time our values get tested time and again and the simple question to see you through is, “How will I sleep at night?” After going through the system, school or otherwise and at the end of the tunnel the light is dimmer than at the beginning, wavering patience and an even diminished faith. How do you get by? When brain fails, beauty comes in handy, right? The end doesn’t justify the means, all we need is a better wardrobe and the glare from others of, “Wow doesn’t she look amazing!” only you know at what price you lost your soul.

Success is not sexually transmitted, as easily as you bow down to the offer so does a dozen more, as easily as you fulfill short term necessities so do you loose focus on the long term, and as easily as the offer comes so do they run out and more come through, at what point does it stop?

There is pride in working from the ground up, take the heats, enjoy the tiny victories, keep your head high, and when that offer comes, do it because you want to not because you think you need to, sex is awesome and should be enjoyed not leveraged against anyone. You wanna get your kinky side on; by all means buy the ropes and whips at your discretion not to be subject to anyone.

The value of hard/ smart work is honor and dignity, success is not sexually transmitted, it is earned!! But don’t take my word for it, am not about to cast demons out of anyone.



  1. Agreed, success is not sexually transmitted, but politics, prosperity and immoral pleasure are, and so, success ensures the availability of all these in one go which is why the easily malleable ones fall prey to it making the vicious circle work full time!


      1. Yes, and knowing the cause of your predicament only makes it easier to kick the habit; make up your mind and despite the withdrawal pangs, persevere and win over the carnal desires of the flesh – you can do it, all the best!

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