Four Bottles to complete the fun times

Drink responsibly; do not spill
Drink responsibly; do not spill

When am out with my boys (yes, girls have boys too) in a t-shirt, loose fitting jeans and awesome sneakers. When I don’t need to worry about how my makeup is or who is checking me out. When I can curse like a sailor and I can get loud and free. It is for the morning of the road trip, when I put my six-pack in the cooler and bury it with dry ice. Ain’t nothing like a cold beer for my time with the boys, and yes, I drink straight out the bottle!!!

Then there is how I wind up most of my evenings. I open the bottle and let it breathe, hitting my face with the Sweet Floral and Fruity scents. Chilled and ready to serve. Gosh!!!! I love my Chardonnay. Right after dinner, loose night gown and comfy socks, a glass of good white wine with white chocolate gives me goose bumps with every sip. Chilling with Olivia Pope and wishing how that scene with  Fitz should have lasted a second longer. A little wine is good for digestion, A lot of wine is best for pure bliss!!!

See me on a Saturday evening. Dressed to kill and ready to turn heads. Wearing designer scents.  Doing the perfect balance on 5-inch heels, displaying legs and curves for days. It’s the epic night out with the girls. All photos on IG are Hash tagged #TurnDownForWhat, #SippingWhileWeSpilling, #MyCliqueCoolerThanYours, #MovesLikeJagger. We are looking to get messed up so we are ordering by the bottle. Shot after Shot of Tennessee Honey as we take over the dance floor. The boys wishing they could, we wishing the boys would!!! Nothing gets me into the music like fine whisky, neat, and on the rocks.

After the Road trips, the busy days, the crazy nights out with the girls, there always has to be time for my little princess. So we put on Nickelodeon, pour popcorn and jelly beans into a bowl spread out on the couch and sip on some black currant Ribena. It may be too sweet for my taste buds, but it is too good for bonding with the little one. As I doze off, I think of the day, I will get her, her first real drink!!!

Featuring: Heineken, 2009 Marques De Casa Concha- Chardonnay, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey & of Course Ribena- Bursting with Vitamin C!!!!


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