Hungry for success
Hungry for success

Opportunities will not always present themselves, some need to be sought after and some need an extra keen eye to see. Most will require guts to pursue and definitely time and patience. Once you get that perfect/almost perfect opportunity, you need to strike while the iron is hot. While the desire and end game is still so vivid in your mind there is no doubt the drive is real and the outcome is worth the risk.

Some will require a bit of consulting, although it may look good, it may not be the perfect fit for you. Match opportunities with your strengths and wage them against your weaknesses.  We all strive to overcome our weak points, as that is the gospel truth. Being aware of how far you can go at a particular time highly determines the outcome. Baby steps may be small but they still count. We have to learn to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.

Have a constant need to achieve, and don’t let that ever diminish. Opportunities may be missed along the way, but the desire and hunger will keep propelling you towards the future.  Picture your goals and let them guide you. It indeed can be done.

Toast to missed opportunities, toast to those forgone, toast to being more aware and toast to the next best deal! The next one might be the well-deserved break and the absolute “I made it!” sigh of gratitude.




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