Brace yourself!!
Brace yourself!!

“Let’s Move in Together!!!!” He seems so sure of himself when he asks me this. The look of excitement and anticipation on his face is unmistakable. Now this may not exactly be a surprise because it is something we have talked about, but now it’s here and I don’t know exactly what to say…. So I say yes!! Let’s do it. Let’s move in Together!!!

So now I am thinking about it. I am walking into unfamiliar territory, and I can’t turn back. What happens when I wanna stay indoors and play rock music in my underwear as I clean, and he wants to watch wrestling with the boys? What happens when the girls are here with wine and we are ready to trash talk our men and he just won’t leave? What happens when all I wanna do is eat take out and laze around the whole day and he wants to come home for a home cooked lunch. Am I really ready for this? Is anyone ever ready for this?

I quite honestly don’t wanna witness his “Shit-Shower-Shave” routine in the morning, and I bet he doesn’t want to wait an hour and a half for me to get ready for dinner, only to come out looking “just aiiit” When do I shave my legs and arm pits? Sweet lord, when do I take a dump!!!

But then again, what happens when I have had a long day at work and I just wanna be held? What happens when the lights are out and I have to hold in my pee because I am scared to death of the dark? What happens when the office hater is on my case and I need someone at home to reassure me that it’s all going to be fine?  I can surely use some strong arms around to move stuff, take out the trash, kill the evil lizards and the scary spiders, and to take care of me, in every sense of the word.

I may be a little selfish, but it feels nice when I take care of him, when I owe him some responsibilities. He is after all my partner in crime, my guaranteed alibi. Always there to get in trouble with, and always on time to get my hair out of the way when my body has rejected whatever substances I have abused. I can pass out at the bar and wake up in my bed. Sure he eats too much and messes up the place, but I think I can live with it because as crazy as we both are we keep each other deeply rooted.

So I guess I am actually doing this. It’s probably going to be the best bad idea I have made, but what the hell, we can ride it out.

Let the adventure begin!!


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