protect all at all cost
protect all at all cost

It is an actual dream having the President speak my name, let alone write me a Personal letter, signed, sealed and delivered by a government official
To have the highest office in the land acknowledging my existence, my importance in the nation and my contributions past, present and future to this great land would be a dream come true. What my overactive imagination didn’t expect was that all this would happen, but only after such a great loss.
He knows my name, knows my value, acknowledges the lost potential, but his forces, his apparatus that jump when he asks were not there to protect me from the hail of bullets. He knows am gone, and “shares” in my family’s loss, but if I was as important and as significant, if my life was as valuable as he now purports it is, shouldn’t the response have come sooner?
I didn’t live to witness my dream of the man I voted for, My President writing my name, but I realized it in death…. Leaving my family with a written memoir of my passing, and because it’s from the President it maybe be accorded a frame and hung in the living room just beside my portrait, always to be shown off to visitors.
A letter doesn’t do me much good now, does it? If I was applying for a job and he wrote me a recommendation, maybe then. If I needed a loan and he wrote me a guarantor’s note, maybe then, but now, I am too dead to need any of these things.
If I was as important I shouldn’t have had to die from the bullet of a Coward’s Gun. My Government, My President should have done better to Preserve my life.



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