5 simple phrases to remember

I may not know much, but i know this...
I may not know much, but i know this…

Learn from your mistakes and past experiences

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I see it as what doesn’t kill you in the first round just might in round two if you didn’t learn at the first instance. Being hit twice in the same place and the damage worse the first time is a flaw on your part, a weakness that the attacker/perpetrator has noticed.

Do not underestimate anyone

Trust is a beautiful thing to behold, to uphold and to protect; it should be earned, as even your shadow leaves in times of darkness. Be vigilant and never show all your cards. Time is a fundamental thing, as one gets close, with time you learn to trust and let your guard down, keep in mind the world revolves on selfish interests, “the invisible hand”

To get half of what they have, you got to be twice as smart as they are

Nothing will be handed on a silver platter. Not even a cup of coffee.  Everything worth having is worth toiling for. Short cuts to success are just that; short and cut, they will not stand the test of time, and cosmic justice has quite the sense of humor, once one piece falls, the house of cards is dominos in motion, one after the other. Put in the work, believe it can be done and remember success is not measured against what other people have. You don’t know what they had to give up in order to get it.

Think, calculate, pre-empt

Yes simple yet often overlooked, you can never be too prepared, like in a game of chess anticipate your opponents next move. Do not let things get you off guard; or throw you off your game. Sure, surprises occur and plans change. Think, in every situation, think it through, that way you can live with the outcome, every action has an equal reaction.

Lastly, believe in a greater power than your own, pray, hold on to your faith and do not waiver from your beliefs, without some sense of guidance and direction, we are savages.

With that said, I hope we all live to fight another day………………………


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