The strongest woman I know

She has always had my back; she has always supported my silly and outright ridiculous ideas. She is always at the ready with a smile and an encouraging ear. She is my number one fan and is always there to receive me. She is the first sight I saw as I entered this cold and unforgiving world. The first hand I held, the very first kiss I shared. She is my mother.
She has taught me the ways of the world as she perceives it and she is always honest with her opinions and thoughts. She is always giving up her dreams so I can realize mine. Now, many years later, though far from my dreams, because I keep dreaming larger than life possibilities, I get to say, “Mom, I get it now”
All the fights at adolescence and all the mean words I said to you; all the misunderstandings and all the arguing, “You were right”. I wish I knew then what I know now.
It takes being a parent to put it all into perspective; I’d give everything up a thousand times over if it means making my kids’ life a little more enlightened. Not handing over everything in a pretty bow and the proverbial silver spoon but providing options and guidance and let my little angels explore this world of opportunities.
Through you mother, I have learnt to be head strong and that self-confidence and holding on to my values will see me through all treacherous waters.
So today I say “THANK YOU”. Thank you mom for all you had to endure, from the sleepless nights, to the constant nagging. Thank you for being my rock and thankyou for being my black woman that rocks.


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