have fun at your own discretion...
have fun at your own

Seated at my favorite table at my favorite pub enjoying my well- deserved cold drink. Well, it’s just another Friday and am chilling after a long week of grinding and  a spa treat would be nice but hey, I love the view from where am seated and the comedian in my head is on a roll……

Well here goes,


You took the time to dress up and ensure you have a plus one to go along with you for that night out with Steve….. or Scott….. or whoever, otherwise referred to as the “ATM” for the night. Well, am all for handling my bill you know , GIRL POWER, and quite  aware free drinks are very  inviting, but why in God’s blue skies  would you subject yourself to constant torture of “how many should I have?”.

Mr. nice philanthropic guy decides to take a walk, well maybe to account for  the unaccounted for plus one, leaving a more than desperate damsel in distress, kabambe on the hand , and the constant , “where did he go?”, “call him?” ,”wanna share my drink?”,

Here I am, no need for no soap operas, my favorite spot got me covered and my drinks keep flowing, coz well, I take pride in ensuring I can control the outcome. We don’t always anticipate all outcomes, but don’t go in blind, bring along a girl, or two for all I care, but make sure you can pick up the tab or better yet “BAE” is on board.

For now am glad this chap did come back….the smile on her face upon his sighting is nothing short of epic…. Talk about that moment the Almighty saviour makes a comeback!!!!!


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