Love being loved; love loving

“I love you”, “I need you”, “I’m yours” ….I could go on and on.  We all crave to belong and desire to be wanted. Often times we speak these dire words. The need and the love may be true but is often directed to the wrong person or worse to the right person at the wrong time. It’s  no wonder romance and love have lost their top spot on the list of why people stay together these days. To love and to be loved is one of the greatest feelings any person can ever experience, but sadly in the quest to quench that insatiable desire, we fall into the pit of lies, deceit and betrayal.
Love genuinely, the fear of unreciprocated affection is cold and real, but it’s better to love and find out than live wondering “what if?”. By so doing we grow to be better both inward and outward, The ultimate love sacrifice was the cross, if one can die for complete and utter strangers out of love surely we can survive a few bruises along the way.
Look at his/her eyes and if you still appreciate what looks back at you, be sure to make the feeling known.
Simply put, Saying “I love you” doesn’t have to hold the same basis or reason all the time…
Today, I love you because you make me smile easily……. Ask me again tomorrow why I need you…


DISTANT PLEASANTRIES: Alone but never lonely

Be kind to people, they might be friends

If I should die before my time, I don’t think I will be so lonely. In the days of my dull life, I have had little moments of bliss and wonder. In my small world, void of travel expeditions and life of luxury, I feel I am not missing out on anything.
I have for one reason or another interacted with people I normally wouldn’t even talk to. From every corner of this world, and for a split second over 4000 people on Facebook consider me a “friend”. Some slightly over 70 people have taken time to see and follow what’s on/in my mind even if it was just for a day. I have had over 200,000 views on google+. Whether passing through or actually taking an interest all this individuals have felt my presence and seen bits of the person on my side of the computer.
So, social media might just be the one thing that connects us all, the one thing that no matter what your day is like, a distant person cares, genuinely or not. Someone will take the time to see what you are up to, what you are thinking and occasionally disagree with you just to keep the conversation going.
This is therefore my thank you to all that share the joy of socializing regardless of all the boundaries that society fixes between us. So if I should die before my time, I want to say thank you for making life a little less alone and a lot more interactive and social.


I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding
I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding

Looking forward to the day you are the princess and your prince waiting on your beck and call is all so magical, but before you pick out your something new, something blue and something borrowed, kindly be sure you are content with waking up to that face every morning “till death” or well in today’s world divorce.

We will avail ourselves for the pomp n glam of the day. We will put on our dancing shoes and in the words of the great R.Kelly “come out and step, the whole night through”, we will critic every aspect of your picture perfect day down to toothpicks. Then afterwards, tired from all the dancing, jealous stares and genuine love for the new couple in town get into our owned, borrowed and hired cars and drift into infinity.

Make sure, two days down the line you are okay sharing a bathroom and being in each other’s bubble.  After the cheers, balloons and additional calories from all the extra delicious cake make sure that he/she is still the one.

Not just the one that looked irresistible that one time, but the one your heart yearns for, the one you choose above all others and the one your mom knows takes first position. This person is now your nuclear family both from without and from within.

The wedding is just an occasion the marriage is your life. They say marriage is the smallest form of prison, make sure you get along with your cell mate.

And with that said,  a toast to true love and happily ever after.


I am an only child. I have a sibling actually but still in many ways, I am an only child. I am the only legitimate daughter of my parents, and my brother is the holder of the title “heir” unchallenged and truly worthy.  The only son and first born of my dad and mom.
Growing up, we never had to compete for attention or affection. Each of us had defined slots and clearly marked territories. I was the baby of the house and he, well protector of the universe. He fought my fights, guided me, mocked me and occasionally showed affection, father’s right hand.
Then reality hit, (read growing up). I find that I am no longer the “baby of the house” as eventually everyone has to flee the nest to build their own…… find love in foreign lands and die trying to better the nest I grew up in.
They, (my love’s people) shared everything. His is a family of siblings. Unchartered waters for me. I knew my place but now I’m a lost Lamb. I don’t know how to fight over the curling iron or speak louder than the next person to be heard.  I don’t know how to sit up late with sisters talking over “whatever earth shattering thing the boys are up to”. But, here I am
I find myself needing to find a way to connect with my love’s people, For they are about to be my people. My brother constantly talking about “his People” automatically puts me in the “extended family” category. Sometimes, I feel like a motherless child.
They try to include me in their activities but I am yet to learn how to share my toys or hear about how theirs are cooler.  They try to make me feel included but bursting out of my nutshell is harder than you can imagine.
I have surrounded myself with girlfriends, some of whom feel like sisters, but it is not really the same. We share, gossip, build each other and every now and then fallout. At the end of it all, I go back to my spot curl up and the world is at peace. I understand the mechanics of having siblings guess am at the practical part of it. I guess it’s time to dig in and leave my safe place.
I am still my parents “only one”, still my daughter’s only mom, still my brother’s only sister and most definitely my love’s one and only true love (or so I choose to believe). That makes my slot pretty well defined and with them on my corner I believe the uncharted waters of siblings will be a breeze……



I am just an ordinary lady with lots of dreams and getting by mostly through reading and writing. A whole new world opens up when you open a book; A place where everything is possible and achievable. We live in a rather imperfect world, but when you open up a book you get a chance to escape to a different dimension a place where you can learn to feel and experience life through others. It teaches you to make the best out of every situation. It may not always be picture perfect but it is satisfying knowing it is the best you have at that time. That does not limit what tomorrow might bring.
The beauty of life is “there will always be someone doing better than you, and you are doing better than most people” so learn to be at peace with who you are and where you are in the pecking order. That’s not to say you get comfortable with the situation and make it your story. If the narrative does not please you, change it. Your current situation doesn’t have to be the last chapter in your book,
So, I read a lot and scribble even more. Every night before bed, I let my mind wander free and it is a beautiful world. I have seen it all in my mind now I’m more than ready to witness with my eyes. I don’t have much to travel the world, but for every destination I bet there is an article and pictures. I have no designer clothes, but for all designs I bet there is a website and magazines.
Don’t limit your imagination just because you lack resources. Your situation today, however good or bad is temporary, and will always need constant work to maintain it or change it. There is nothing impossible under the sun; all you need is the right mindset and belief in yourself.
Enjoy what you have now, make memories, and in the years to come when kids walk up to you and ask for a story, you will have plenty to share.



“To the ends of the earth”

I have loved, and I have cared but never did I know the depths to which I could love and care until I laid my eyes on her. 
I have learnt and I have taught, but hardly could I fathom the world that would be opened up to me, until I had to parent and have someone wholly and entirely depend on me.
I have shared/given and I have received, but what I have gained so far is comparable to nothing. The joy and happiness she receives me with just melts my heart each day.
I have been proud and I have been disappointed, but my proudest moment with no doubt is when I held her for the first time.
She is my angel, sent to rescue me, sent to make life a little more colourful and worth the pain, tears and struggle.
She is my friend, she may not say much but always gives me the best perspective. She comes first and thus my every move has her best interest at heart.
She is my safe place, she accepted me as I am,we were perfect strangers and now she is a part of me, my best side.
Thank-you my love,for gracing my world and ensuring I’ll never be alone again.
Thank you for keeping me on my toes,now am a gracious ballerina.. :D:D
Thank you baby girl for always speaking your mind, hold on to that forever. Always stand your ground, through you I have learnt to be courageous and head strong.
Thank you for simply being you…



The simple, single perfect rose. The one thing you hold in the highest regard. The ostentatious item always placed on a pedestal and close to your heart, the heart of hearts so to speak. The one thing you would go to war for. Then straight from the bible “everything has an end”. The glass shutters, the petals start falling and the pedestal tips over and everything freefalls.
How do you move on when the one thing that defined happiness, love and made the puppies cuter disappears? How do you  move on when all you believed turns out to be utter fraud, just like you, unworthy of a pedestal and worthy of all the punches you wanna throw.
We always strive to keep the white hat on, but when you lose your sense of self how do you keep it strapped on?
Taking the sweet with the sour, the laughs with the tears, the hugs with the back stabbing! Yes, as humans we are not immune to all this but not from the one that makes it all worth it. Not from the one you go home to and all of a sudden the worries of the world fly out the window. Not from the one you would have sworn your heart beats for.
But the almighty who is above keeps his word, everything that has a beginning has an end, so the pain too shall come to pass.
Someday, sometime, dawn will break.