5 simple rules for a good night sleep

Enjoy loving and being loved
Enjoy loving and being loved

Enjoy your Sex

It doesn’t matter if you are 22, 38 or 75. Nobody should be confined in a sexually dissatisfying relationship. Don’t be rigid about it, teach your mate what you love, it’s called making love for a reason, have fun and connect with each other, and eventually break out the freak within, after that the evening /weekend stroll will be so relaxing


Be confident that you are the one. Be confident in what you share and let each other thrive within and without your union. I get the “two become one” phrase but that doesn’t mean being conjoint at the hip. Keep a piece of yourself to yourself, do the things you loved to do before the union, maybe include your partner , but be confident that as you keep making yourself happy, your partner is at ease with you doing you. Create an environment where it is cool for him to go out with the boys without you going all CIA on his stuff, and you can enjoy your book club without him thinking its code for crazy night out with God knows who.

Chase your goals and dream

Strive to accomplish your life goals and dreams. Just because you are bound by love, or whatever you convince yourself is joining you, do not mean you should give up on your dreams. It would be damn near magical if you shared your experiences with the love of your life, find that balance where you achieve it all next to each other, then they won’t be stories told but experiences shared.

You are not a jar of nutella

No one is capable of being perfect all the time. You cannot please everyone, sometimes even pleasing yourself is a problem. So love the flaws in each other and embrace the diversity in your union. Black Pepper is hot and to some it’s sweeter than honey. So learn to accommodate and to appreciate the beauty in being different. Keep around a jar of nutella for when it gets to rough. That stuff solves all problems……

And lastly,

Always remember why you chose each other, challenges will always be there, keep in mind why he/she is the one


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