The simple, single perfect rose. The one thing you hold in the highest regard. The ostentatious item always placed on a pedestal and close to your heart, the heart of hearts so to speak. The one thing you would go to war for. Then straight from the bible “everything has an end”. The glass shutters, the petals start falling and the pedestal tips over and everything freefalls.
How do you move on when the one thing that defined happiness, love and made the puppies cuter disappears? How do you  move on when all you believed turns out to be utter fraud, just like you, unworthy of a pedestal and worthy of all the punches you wanna throw.
We always strive to keep the white hat on, but when you lose your sense of self how do you keep it strapped on?
Taking the sweet with the sour, the laughs with the tears, the hugs with the back stabbing! Yes, as humans we are not immune to all this but not from the one that makes it all worth it. Not from the one you go home to and all of a sudden the worries of the world fly out the window. Not from the one you would have sworn your heart beats for.
But the almighty who is above keeps his word, everything that has a beginning has an end, so the pain too shall come to pass.
Someday, sometime, dawn will break.

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