“To the ends of the earth”

I have loved, and I have cared but never did I know the depths to which I could love and care until I laid my eyes on her. 
I have learnt and I have taught, but hardly could I fathom the world that would be opened up to me, until I had to parent and have someone wholly and entirely depend on me.
I have shared/given and I have received, but what I have gained so far is comparable to nothing. The joy and happiness she receives me with just melts my heart each day.
I have been proud and I have been disappointed, but my proudest moment with no doubt is when I held her for the first time.
She is my angel, sent to rescue me, sent to make life a little more colourful and worth the pain, tears and struggle.
She is my friend, she may not say much but always gives me the best perspective. She comes first and thus my every move has her best interest at heart.
She is my safe place, she accepted me as I am,we were perfect strangers and now she is a part of me, my best side.
Thank-you my love,for gracing my world and ensuring I’ll never be alone again.
Thank you for keeping me on my toes,now am a gracious ballerina.. :D:D
Thank you baby girl for always speaking your mind, hold on to that forever. Always stand your ground, through you I have learnt to be courageous and head strong.
Thank you for simply being you…


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