I am just an ordinary lady with lots of dreams and getting by mostly through reading and writing. A whole new world opens up when you open a book; A place where everything is possible and achievable. We live in a rather imperfect world, but when you open up a book you get a chance to escape to a different dimension a place where you can learn to feel and experience life through others. It teaches you to make the best out of every situation. It may not always be picture perfect but it is satisfying knowing it is the best you have at that time. That does not limit what tomorrow might bring.
The beauty of life is “there will always be someone doing better than you, and you are doing better than most people” so learn to be at peace with who you are and where you are in the pecking order. That’s not to say you get comfortable with the situation and make it your story. If the narrative does not please you, change it. Your current situation doesn’t have to be the last chapter in your book,
So, I read a lot and scribble even more. Every night before bed, I let my mind wander free and it is a beautiful world. I have seen it all in my mind now I’m more than ready to witness with my eyes. I don’t have much to travel the world, but for every destination I bet there is an article and pictures. I have no designer clothes, but for all designs I bet there is a website and magazines.
Don’t limit your imagination just because you lack resources. Your situation today, however good or bad is temporary, and will always need constant work to maintain it or change it. There is nothing impossible under the sun; all you need is the right mindset and belief in yourself.
Enjoy what you have now, make memories, and in the years to come when kids walk up to you and ask for a story, you will have plenty to share.


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