I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding
I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding

Looking forward to the day you are the princess and your prince waiting on your beck and call is all so magical, but before you pick out your something new, something blue and something borrowed, kindly be sure you are content with waking up to that face every morning “till death” or well in today’s world divorce.

We will avail ourselves for the pomp n glam of the day. We will put on our dancing shoes and in the words of the great R.Kelly “come out and step, the whole night through”, we will critic every aspect of your picture perfect day down to toothpicks. Then afterwards, tired from all the dancing, jealous stares and genuine love for the new couple in town get into our owned, borrowed and hired cars and drift into infinity.

Make sure, two days down the line you are okay sharing a bathroom and being in each other’s bubble.  After the cheers, balloons and additional calories from all the extra delicious cake make sure that he/she is still the one.

Not just the one that looked irresistible that one time, but the one your heart yearns for, the one you choose above all others and the one your mom knows takes first position. This person is now your nuclear family both from without and from within.

The wedding is just an occasion the marriage is your life. They say marriage is the smallest form of prison, make sure you get along with your cell mate.

And with that said,  a toast to true love and happily ever after.


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