DISTANT PLEASANTRIES: Alone but never lonely

Be kind to people, they might be friends

If I should die before my time, I don’t think I will be so lonely. In the days of my dull life, I have had little moments of bliss and wonder. In my small world, void of travel expeditions and life of luxury, I feel I am not missing out on anything.
I have for one reason or another interacted with people I normally wouldn’t even talk to. From every corner of this world, and for a split second over 4000 people on Facebook consider me a “friend”. Some slightly over 70 people have taken time to see and follow what’s on/in my mind even if it was just for a day. I have had over 200,000 views on google+. Whether passing through or actually taking an interest all this individuals have felt my presence and seen bits of the person on my side of the computer.
So, social media might just be the one thing that connects us all, the one thing that no matter what your day is like, a distant person cares, genuinely or not. Someone will take the time to see what you are up to, what you are thinking and occasionally disagree with you just to keep the conversation going.
This is therefore my thank you to all that share the joy of socializing regardless of all the boundaries that society fixes between us. So if I should die before my time, I want to say thank you for making life a little less alone and a lot more interactive and social.


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