Have the courage to be brave!

We all meet ‘the one’ but often discredit him/her on bases that have been set by society, family or own expectations, but when your ideologies and those of your significant other align regardless of family, society or expectations, then take the risk and prove them wrong. Get off your wagon and take the risk to see what lies beyond your comfort zone. The need to build an empire and a future is ever so real but it makes the journey worthwhile if you have someone that shares your vision or better yet encourages and supports even your most outrageous dreams.

It’s not everyday that someone gives you their shoulder to lean on or a hand on a rough road. So appreciate the one that has been there for genuine reasons and utter respect for your ambition and wild ways . Show that you are far beyond set expectations and goals by your so called inner circle.
Follow your dreams and bring your support along. Together get to Enjoy the fruit of your labor and as you toast to your favourite drink, everything else will be in the rearview mirror… Smiling all the way to a life well lived.


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