Freedom of speech and expression

It seems some of my views expressed here may have hit a raw nerve here and there, and hey, what type of  writer would I be if I didn’t occasionally elicit that effect from people? I frankly do not expect anyone to understand how I pick my topics or how I process information and share it on this blog or any other platform. What I expect my readers to understand is that what I share is MY VIEW, MY OPINION and right or wrong I am at liberty to express it.
My feelings on the topics I’ve tackled remain unchanged but for the purpose of those who feel targeted by the delivery of my opinions, I write this one to clear things up. So this is a direct message to you, unlike any of my earlier work which wasn’t at all directed at anyone specific.
There is a lot more than one person’s perspective or opinion on any matter. When I share my experiences it is based on how I perceive them and my opinions therefore are based on that. If there is another person who shared the experience but saw it in a different perspective, and they too wished to express their opinion of it, you would not see me carrying a placard and baying for their blood.
Now, as much as some things may be a bitter pill to swallow, all that a writer will do is write. It is upon the reader to take the time and read and give their thoughts. We can’t please everyone, I personally gave up on that when I realized that it would mean going against my beliefs and my knowledge of right and wrong.
To put this to rest, I should just say that my thoughts are my own!! If for one reason or the other they aren’t in alignment with yours, Its fine. I won’t hate you for it or try to force you to change. I wouldn’t expect you to try and change mine either. There is plenty of room in this universe to accommodate more than one opinion.
I choose to share mine and more often than not, I do get others that think the same. So instead of putting energy into personalizing my work and playing hurt and disrespected, Rise above it. Give room to the beauty of diversity and embrace different views…


4 thoughts on “JUST GOT TROLLED!!”

      1. Very understandable.. I haven’t been trolled yet (that I know of) so I’m not sure how I’d react but your post is a pretty good example. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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