Sometimes it takes courage to own your feelings

We all go through the motions, one minute you want to be alone the next you want to be in the arms of the only one. More Often than not we just overlook the deeds of others, see them as normal and expected.  It’s not until we are alone in bed, earphones plugged in and Ed Sheran going on about how it feels like to be loved is when we look within us and acknowledge we have been loved and we have loved and all the while missing the beauty of it all.
We miss and we are missed, so share the motions to keep the days brighter. Even in their absence break the boundaries. Reach out and say it…” I MISS YOU”.Worst case they don’t share your feelings and even then at least they know somewhere someone took the time to let the feeling take over even if it was just for a second. For that second all that mattered was you, in that second in a perfect world you two would be in a warm embrace. It may seem minute but it’s one of the most special things two (or more) people can share.

It doesn’t matter why you drifted apart, or moved away. It doesn’t matter if they are next to you yet feel like miles apart. All that matters is that they still matter to you. Say a silent prayer that the  memories never forsake you or the feelings get lost too. Pray that in the same way you miss then,they at least Remember how it was when all there was was the two of you.

Finally, smile and be glad for at least you have the memories and the love and affection cannot be taken from you, Unless you choose to let them go….

HOLD ON,See them when you close your eyes. Feel them when you fall asleep.


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