Gender equality or just "man bashing"

Am all for gender equality and women empowerment. I support the principle that it is based on but I have a serious problem with how women have become subjective with the term. Employment “gender equality “leadership “gender equality “, Providing shelter, Protection and General maintenance… Oh hold up ,that’s a man’s job. If you are going to take on everything then at least acknowledge it comes with it’s own set of responsibilities.
Back when societies actually functioned, both genders had set roles that they each had to play, forming a system that worked. This whole trying to be equal thing just complicates things, especially since ladies are trying to reap the perks that come with equality without putting in the effort that would make their male counterparts see them as equals.
He goes out there to keep the lights at home on and food on the table, well,before cursing him out on why he forgot your birthday, at least inquire how his day was. If we were to take on each others nitty gritty details trust me,the universe would rotate counter clockwise. It is my opinion that when one decides to take on commitments / relationships /situationships it is very vital to ask “in what capacity?”
Change the diapers ,cook the meals,clean and look good while doing so, in essence it’s all that goes into making a happy home. Let him hustle and grind,build you your dream house without the back talk all the time. Make him look forward to coming home and not leaving or gazing at national geographic instead of indulging in “Honey,I missed you today,”
We are faced with the challenge of making our relationships work because we have turned our homes into a battleground for superiority. The man is constantly under attack, and even when there is a ceasefire, he doesn’t know what next to expect so instead of taking off his armour to let her touch his skin, he keeps it on because he is accustomed to it.
Receive him with a smile, find out how his day was. Serve his dinner, or make it together -depends on how you two play best- make him feel at home. Confide in him about your insecurities, let him know you trust him. Make him understand that he can always confide in you. Get this balance, and he will empower you more than all the “affirmative action” types always thumping their chests asking to be handed half of everything.




  1. How refreshing to read this. I agree, things have swung too far. Latchkey kids and microwave dinners and jumping on every word a man uses. Women insist on being treated equal but they’ve never built a bridge, scaled a hot roof or dared walk on the metal skeleton of a skyscraper being built. All this obligating women to work outside the home is very stressful and laundry piles up, houses get cluttered. Please stop the battle of the sexes and restore love and harmony.

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