If you are not outraged you are not paying attention

Feeling something is way better than feeling indifferent, but it is even sadder when what you ought not to be indifferent to, doesn’t even make you cringe. There was a time I couldn’t understand how we could just go year in year out with outright corruption and greed and keep complaining of the abject poverty we face. 
Day in day out the headlines filled with “see what he /she did” and yet every election we elect the same people, sure we are reasonable enough to reshuffle them but it’s the same damn people….
The significant problems of our time cannot be solved by the same level of thinking, or in this case the same people, who created them.
So, after a hard day trying to earn somewhat of an honest living I kick back, sip a glass of water and smile on the complete rubbish being tossed on our faces. By now we are all familiar with it…….”we take affirmative action “,”commission of inquiry has been formed” and my personal favorite, “Change is now!” …….a high five and a hug here and there and of course the feeble chants of “bado mapambano” and viola!!!!!! We move on to the next headline.
We are all well aware of what needs to happen if this country is to ever achieve full potential and give better to its citizens, but as much as that is clear as day, we are simply not ready to put aside our wayward, backward thinking and give vibrant, young individuals with a different take on things the chance to prove themselves.
As the headlines get humorous by the minute, we need to instill sense of Hope back into the people of this great nation. At this point indifference is all there is…….
Progress is when we start to feel offended by the smallest injustice…….



How well do you know a person? How well can one know another person any way? I got subjected to, “Maybe I should stick around, to get to know you more” and the analyst psychopath in me went on over drive. At what point can one satisfactorily say. “Yes, I know that person ” . There is no standard measure nor are there any guidelines. If at some point someone gets to see or know what you’re really looking for,What’s to stop one from manipulating gathered data/information and give you Exactly what you seek?
So,all dependent on reasons why you strive to “know one” ….professionally well, isn’t that why CVS exist, cut to the chase and know whether or not one is a fit or not. Personally, it’s a myriad of pandora boxes rolled up into one hotbed of mystery and subject to one deductive skills. What I may choose to reveal about myself to one person might not necessarily be the same as the next stranger I meet, simply put no one person is one thing, and “sticking around to know someone ” just seems more of stringing someone along.
I like you, I may even love you, but I need time to get to know you more….
That line just doesn’t bare confidence. Wouldn’t it be easier if you handed one a questionnaire to fill complete with multiple choices just to run things along. If at first it felt right, and no one has handed you a red flag, why keep looking for the other shoe to drop?
Being cautious is admirable but the journey is half the adventure, resist all urges of going Samaritan or The Machine on a person of interest. If the fundamental interests, beliefs, values and what ever else defines you are inclined the same way,  go ahead and learn about each other together.
How well you know someone is highly dependent on how far they want to get known. And fishing is a great sport, sadly sometimes you catch what shouldn’t be on land….(if you go looking,you will find) . Life is too short to not kiss passionately and even shorter to try be with your one after figuring them out inside out.



So the sharks have decided to take a dive in the Kenyan waters and somehow I feel the urge to enlighten my knowledgeable, Kenyan entrepreneurs of how murky those waters can get once the sharks are in. You do not face a shark unprotected. Take heed lest we lose a young budding entrepreneur after being torn to shreds.
This is my advice, based on the 8 seasons of Shark Tank that I have watched on playback.
Do your homework.
I don’t mean watching every episode of shark tank. I mean, you need to actually do your homework. Polish on your addition and multiplication and be spot on when it comes to division. If there’s one thing you should be prepared for is a math quiz! These folks take the very numbers you have presented them with in an effort to impress them, and add, subtract, multiply and square root to see if your numbers do hold up. So, be realistic, present valid numbers and proper projections. Also, have a plan for the money you are asking them to invest. Should you get through phase one, they will want to know what their money will go towards.
Look the Part
It is very important that you appeal to your ideal shark. Based on your product or service or industry, you can be able to pinpoint which among the billionaires you are pitching to would be an ideal partner. Look the part, let your suit be a perfect fit, and if you decide to wear branded promotional clothing, bring some to share with the sharks. Practice your pitch and bring all the confidence you can muster. Then go in and sell yourself like you are the reason they are going to make it to the Forbes Top Ten. Look at it this way, even if you don’t secure a deal, there will be about 10 million Kenyans who will watch and understand your company, product or service, and among those, could be other investors who may not have achieved shark status, but are willing and able to invest in you.
Last but not least, and please take this seriously. Hug your mother….. most of us are probably still alive and doing well solely due to our mothers’ prayers.
Bring a sense of humor or borrow one. It is important to show people that you can make and take a joke.
Fight the urge to talk back. The “you are dead to me”! You’re a cockroach “comments are just to throw you off and to test your temperament. Talk back to one shark regardless of how rude they are and you show all the others that you are rude, and cannot be directed
Remember, these sharks think on a global perspective. Show them that you are able to transcend regional boundaries and make yourself relevant across the globe. This is not easy, MPESA is a big hit here but seems to fail everywhere else due to the great strides made by banks in the credit card, debit card and pre paid cards sector…… all the best dear entrepreneur.


For grass will grow...

With each passing day I miss you, and as each day passes I wonder why
Yesterday I missed your laugh and your giggles
Today I miss your touch and your gaze,
Yesterday I was strong, tears lingered but never flowed
Today I fall to my knees wondering why
Soaked in tears and a bleeding heart…
Why did you come just to rip me apart?

With each passing day,I learn,
Learn all sorts of things,
Today I know that just because I ache n bleed for you
Doesn’t mean am better off with you
As badly as I hold my pillow tight wishing it was you
Am still a better being without you
Today, I have learnt to fall asleep on your side of the bed.
I miss you, chances are tomorrow I will miss you more
But, tomorrow I just might get the strength to move on a little more
Again, my beloved, why walk in just to walk away?

Many a times I think of you,dream of what was, but I guess that’s all it was…
A dream…

Dear Self


Be kind to yourself in the end the world hardly takes the time to care for itself let alone you.

Be kind to strangers, often times you are the only kind soul they will encounter.

Be kind to those you think least deserve it,they need it most.

And smile….

See the world as it is,not as it should be, Enjoy the journey, no one is here permanently!


There is always something new to learn..

Plans change,sometimes for the better, but in the instance that the opposite happens, we often times find ourselves speechless and clueless of our next move. What do you do when your only cookie crumbles, stay down scraping for scraps or rush back to bake a fresh batch?
We all take hits now and then. No great story is a plateau, nothing inspiring and motivational comes straight from the rainbow. You take the hits with stride,stay down if need be,but just long enough to gunner enough strength to get up,dust it off and run with all you have.
What I have come to learn with time is,as plans change, so do we, you have to learn to adapt to changing environment, changing outcomes and changing perceptions of what we know. Keeping an open mind helps, but sometimes an open mind leaves room for what one cannot fathom.  Just because something happens or has happened doesn’t mean you take it or accept it. Just because those near you accept it as normal and necessary doesn’t mean you have to.
We have the freedom to love whomever we choose, but just because you have the ability to doesn’t mean those around will all accept it.  We all have the freedom to choose our career paths but society will not welcome some professions. And in the same breath your plans today, plans you set in motions due to circumstances today may not hold in tomorrow’s situations.
Above all, we make small decisions each day ,each moments that set in motion the long term plans…. Make your decisions cautiously and keep in mind whatever your belief that we make plans but there is a higher being that has it all written as it will be…. We can only pray that our plans conform with His.



How do you tell the one you had sworn to be with that you no longer share their view? How do you hold the hands that once were your comfort zone just to share the last goodbye?  How in God’s name do you take back your vows and accept the inevitable?
The face that was once your sunrise and sunset, the beat your heart skipped, that one in a lifetime kind of person, is now your source of grief.
We may learn to accept it as the new normal, learn to live on moments and borrowed gratitude, but am sure life is made of so much more. The kind of love you shared should tell you if it is worth fighting for or if it is a dead horse that just needs to be buried. Are you together because of the very same reasons that brought you together or because of the circumstances that now bind you together? Convenience and security should be among the very last reasons that people stay together.
I think we should go back and ask ourselves if what we once shared is worth holding on for even if time has made it unfamiliar to us now.
I think that for as long as we are together, we should grow and evolve together in order to be able to understand and accommodate each other.
I wish it was possible for us to turn time back and go back to that sweet spot when the grass was green and the skies were clear. When the reasons for holding on, weren’t countered by a million reasons why we should let go. When all you wanted was to make popcorn and cuddle over a movie you both hate.
It takes more strength to admit to ourselves that we have failed than it does to just weather the storm and pray a silver lining will be kind enough. It takes faith and trust that the one is still the one, and we don’t need to travel back into time as what was still is.
As long as you still share a bed, you still bear the title, and as long as the title is yours, the decision is also yours of whether you wear it proudly and happily, or sadly and miserably….