There is always something new to learn..

Plans change,sometimes for the better, but in the instance that the opposite happens, we often times find ourselves speechless and clueless of our next move. What do you do when your only cookie crumbles, stay down scraping for scraps or rush back to bake a fresh batch?
We all take hits now and then. No great story is a plateau, nothing inspiring and motivational comes straight from the rainbow. You take the hits with stride,stay down if need be,but just long enough to gunner enough strength to get up,dust it off and run with all you have.
What I have come to learn with time is,as plans change, so do we, you have to learn to adapt to changing environment, changing outcomes and changing perceptions of what we know. Keeping an open mind helps, but sometimes an open mind leaves room for what one cannot fathom.  Just because something happens or has happened doesn’t mean you take it or accept it. Just because those near you accept it as normal and necessary doesn’t mean you have to.
We have the freedom to love whomever we choose, but just because you have the ability to doesn’t mean those around will all accept it.  We all have the freedom to choose our career paths but society will not welcome some professions. And in the same breath your plans today, plans you set in motions due to circumstances today may not hold in tomorrow’s situations.
Above all, we make small decisions each day ,each moments that set in motion the long term plans…. Make your decisions cautiously and keep in mind whatever your belief that we make plans but there is a higher being that has it all written as it will be…. We can only pray that our plans conform with His.


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