For grass will grow...

With each passing day I miss you, and as each day passes I wonder why
Yesterday I missed your laugh and your giggles
Today I miss your touch and your gaze,
Yesterday I was strong, tears lingered but never flowed
Today I fall to my knees wondering why
Soaked in tears and a bleeding heart…
Why did you come just to rip me apart?

With each passing day,I learn,
Learn all sorts of things,
Today I know that just because I ache n bleed for you
Doesn’t mean am better off with you
As badly as I hold my pillow tight wishing it was you
Am still a better being without you
Today, I have learnt to fall asleep on your side of the bed.
I miss you, chances are tomorrow I will miss you more
But, tomorrow I just might get the strength to move on a little more
Again, my beloved, why walk in just to walk away?

Many a times I think of you,dream of what was, but I guess that’s all it was…
A dream…


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