So the sharks have decided to take a dive in the Kenyan waters and somehow I feel the urge to enlighten my knowledgeable, Kenyan entrepreneurs of how murky those waters can get once the sharks are in. You do not face a shark unprotected. Take heed lest we lose a young budding entrepreneur after being torn to shreds.
This is my advice, based on the 8 seasons of Shark Tank that I have watched on playback.
Do your homework.
I don’t mean watching every episode of shark tank. I mean, you need to actually do your homework. Polish on your addition and multiplication and be spot on when it comes to division. If there’s one thing you should be prepared for is a math quiz! These folks take the very numbers you have presented them with in an effort to impress them, and add, subtract, multiply and square root to see if your numbers do hold up. So, be realistic, present valid numbers and proper projections. Also, have a plan for the money you are asking them to invest. Should you get through phase one, they will want to know what their money will go towards.
Look the Part
It is very important that you appeal to your ideal shark. Based on your product or service or industry, you can be able to pinpoint which among the billionaires you are pitching to would be an ideal partner. Look the part, let your suit be a perfect fit, and if you decide to wear branded promotional clothing, bring some to share with the sharks. Practice your pitch and bring all the confidence you can muster. Then go in and sell yourself like you are the reason they are going to make it to the Forbes Top Ten. Look at it this way, even if you don’t secure a deal, there will be about 10 million Kenyans who will watch and understand your company, product or service, and among those, could be other investors who may not have achieved shark status, but are willing and able to invest in you.
Last but not least, and please take this seriously. Hug your mother….. most of us are probably still alive and doing well solely due to our mothers’ prayers.
Bring a sense of humor or borrow one. It is important to show people that you can make and take a joke.
Fight the urge to talk back. The “you are dead to me”! You’re a cockroach “comments are just to throw you off and to test your temperament. Talk back to one shark regardless of how rude they are and you show all the others that you are rude, and cannot be directed
Remember, these sharks think on a global perspective. Show them that you are able to transcend regional boundaries and make yourself relevant across the globe. This is not easy, MPESA is a big hit here but seems to fail everywhere else due to the great strides made by banks in the credit card, debit card and pre paid cards sector…… all the best dear entrepreneur.


2 thoughts on “DARE TO DREAM, TAKE THE LEAP”

    1. thanks for the reblog.. :):) brutal is an understatement sometimes I think they do it for the Hell of it…. it’s one of the best tv shows of all time!!! No doubt


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