If you are not outraged you are not paying attention

Feeling something is way better than feeling indifferent, but it is even sadder when what you ought not to be indifferent to, doesn’t even make you cringe. There was a time I couldn’t understand how we could just go year in year out with outright corruption and greed and keep complaining of the abject poverty we face. 
Day in day out the headlines filled with “see what he /she did” and yet every election we elect the same people, sure we are reasonable enough to reshuffle them but it’s the same damn people….
The significant problems of our time cannot be solved by the same level of thinking, or in this case the same people, who created them.
So, after a hard day trying to earn somewhat of an honest living I kick back, sip a glass of water and smile on the complete rubbish being tossed on our faces. By now we are all familiar with it…….”we take affirmative action “,”commission of inquiry has been formed” and my personal favorite, “Change is now!” …….a high five and a hug here and there and of course the feeble chants of “bado mapambano” and viola!!!!!! We move on to the next headline.
We are all well aware of what needs to happen if this country is to ever achieve full potential and give better to its citizens, but as much as that is clear as day, we are simply not ready to put aside our wayward, backward thinking and give vibrant, young individuals with a different take on things the chance to prove themselves.
As the headlines get humorous by the minute, we need to instill sense of Hope back into the people of this great nation. At this point indifference is all there is…….
Progress is when we start to feel offended by the smallest injustice…….


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