How well do you know a person? How well can one know another person any way? I got subjected to, “Maybe I should stick around, to get to know you more” and the analyst psychopath in me went on over drive. At what point can one satisfactorily say. “Yes, I know that person ” . There is no standard measure nor are there any guidelines. If at some point someone gets to see or know what you’re really looking for,What’s to stop one from manipulating gathered data/information and give you Exactly what you seek?
So,all dependent on reasons why you strive to “know one” ….professionally well, isn’t that why CVS exist, cut to the chase and know whether or not one is a fit or not. Personally, it’s a myriad of pandora boxes rolled up into one hotbed of mystery and subject to one deductive skills. What I may choose to reveal about myself to one person might not necessarily be the same as the next stranger I meet, simply put no one person is one thing, and “sticking around to know someone ” just seems more of stringing someone along.
I like you, I may even love you, but I need time to get to know you more….
That line just doesn’t bare confidence. Wouldn’t it be easier if you handed one a questionnaire to fill complete with multiple choices just to run things along. If at first it felt right, and no one has handed you a red flag, why keep looking for the other shoe to drop?
Being cautious is admirable but the journey is half the adventure, resist all urges of going Samaritan or The Machine on a person of interest. If the fundamental interests, beliefs, values and what ever else defines you are inclined the same way,  go ahead and learn about each other together.
How well you know someone is highly dependent on how far they want to get known. And fishing is a great sport, sadly sometimes you catch what shouldn’t be on land….(if you go looking,you will find) . Life is too short to not kiss passionately and even shorter to try be with your one after figuring them out inside out.


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