Of late I have been so much into reality TV , at least that’s what they are sold as. And they come in all forms from Escape club, Bachelor ,Real housewives.. The list is endless and as I waste very valuable time staring at my screen I can’t help but wonder. Humans are just deceitful in nature. It doesn’t matter whether you are gathering people to hand out cookies and cream the minute you mention elimination or a grand price even little miss goodie two shoes shows her claws.
It may be just for views but it is as so in reality, away from the cameras and all the stunts. We are programmed to think of “self” first. Even the the so called humanitarian programs, non profit what not. In the end we all strive to self propel. It’s admirable that some found a way to help others along the way and maybe push others on the right direction.
Between all the games,the tricks, alliances and back and forth one thing is evident. Choosing your play mates decides how long you stay and how soon your name is forgotten, and in all truth the same applies in life. Know who is on your team and for what reasons, your reasons may not align but the bottom line might : Staying longer in the game, forming unbreakable bond (if there is such a thing) or keeping your enemies closer. The reasons why are just as important as to the expected end result.
Reality TV may be scripted down to the individual coughs, but it’s definitely the Nat Geo of exploring /exploiting today’s society.



I see humans but not humanity

I always encourage and support the will to choose as what works for one may not work for another but even then some basic things remain unchanged and unchallenged. As far as am not one to cast demons out of anyone I do see the difficult situation parents of my generation face. Like, how every child is demanding for a phone and as far as they do require one for security reasons they aren’t lining up for simple phones, content with guardian’s contacts and emergency numbers PERIOD! No, these  don’t cut it, it’s not cool and definitely not acceptable, apple is no longer a fruit and the bigger the garget the better!!!
Exposing these innocent souls  to endless access to unnecessary information. Tainting beliefs and practices from their up bringing. I know I could be beating a dead horse but once I find my young ones ogling at the Kardashians or the new twerk method I’d probably chew my hair to refrain from beating them into a stupor because hey! I don’t wanna face jail time, especially now that the government has put a very thin line between discipline and child abuse.
Young parents constantly confronted with daily decisions and on every turn the very face of changing times. But, all seeking to bring up “upright” adults. All seeking to bring up educated and ethical beings as opposed to learned fools .
Gone are the days it took a village to raise a child, we are now a man eat man society and every child hardly safe in the confines of his/her home.
And as they explore the world one can only pray the billboards they come across aren’t of “nude” people selling something as detrimental as bread, the whole idea of “sex sells” is damn near catastrophic.
As I sigh and breath heavily, tired of today’s challenges and armed for tomorrow’s I can’t help but think….


Everything's broken

Going about life thinking “What will be,will be” and balancing that with, “If it has to happen you,have to make it happen”,kinda puts strain on the whole “how things are done” dynamics.  On one hand you see how perfect one route is,but all the nitty gritty details of how to get to the perfect photo frame just seems too intense an undertaking, on the other hand, the photo frame keeps staring back at you, like it’s long over due….it should be a wrap at this point, picking floral arrangements and center pieces… But hey, if it’s meant to be it will be… Right?
Wrong!! Time and again situations emerge that require one to have that final push, the right amount of nudge to push you over the edge,a sneak peak into the road less traveled, so to speak, sadly the picture perfect may shutter leaving a rather distasteful feel in your rather perfect image.  What happens then? Is it better to know and hate/get disappointed, or better to not Poke the bear and keep your image perfect, somewhat of a reference point …when the pedestal topples, what then?
It doesn’t even count as a heartbreak, Or so I think, it’s something you chose to not delve into but as sarcasm would have it, picture perfect doesn’t make for a good punchline, plot twist gotta make a move….
Sad fact: No story worth telling is all roses and butterflies, and not every frame deserves a photo….
Oh well, such is life!!!


Love like you have never loved before!!!

The feeling of absolute contentment and sheer disbelief that Finally you have found the one.  The long glares and constant justification to self that it all came to pass, it is all real and all within your grasp.  No longer serving ice-cream with one spoon, always considering the other persons preference, the endless agony of distance and time apart but all with the silver lining of “soon “.
The feeling is comparable to none. The joy best felt no words do it justice, Winnie the pooh love, that unsolicited love, pure and reciprocated, the kind of love every one deserves and everyone needs, at least once in their lifetime.
If someone professes such love, then why judge and cast stones, their preference of whom to love, who to share this life with shouldn’t even come up.  It’s written in so many books that only one form of intimacy is accepted but who appointed us judge,jury and executioner? 
Choosing to cast stones on the very basis of life and happiness LOVE…
Above everything else the greatest above all is kindness, kindness to everyone and respect to that which we do not accept nor understand, make your stand known and the rest are non-issues!!
Love, love with all your heart, and when you find the one your heart beats for,then by all means stand your ground.