Love like you have never loved before!!!

The feeling of absolute contentment and sheer disbelief that Finally you have found the one.  The long glares and constant justification to self that it all came to pass, it is all real and all within your grasp.  No longer serving ice-cream with one spoon, always considering the other persons preference, the endless agony of distance and time apart but all with the silver lining of “soon “.
The feeling is comparable to none. The joy best felt no words do it justice, Winnie the pooh love, that unsolicited love, pure and reciprocated, the kind of love every one deserves and everyone needs, at least once in their lifetime.
If someone professes such love, then why judge and cast stones, their preference of whom to love, who to share this life with shouldn’t even come up.  It’s written in so many books that only one form of intimacy is accepted but who appointed us judge,jury and executioner? 
Choosing to cast stones on the very basis of life and happiness LOVE…
Above everything else the greatest above all is kindness, kindness to everyone and respect to that which we do not accept nor understand, make your stand known and the rest are non-issues!!
Love, love with all your heart, and when you find the one your heart beats for,then by all means stand your ground.


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